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  • July 16, 2018
Education must have only students at the heart of the activity. And employability that the activity guarantees, curiosity that the study answers, and availability of the classroom where such an activity unfolds in an uninhibited ways- such an education is what Plasmit strives for, a new school of thought. Pervasive classrooms. Faster learning.

Modern tracking system. Wi-fi Distance Learning Programs. They have been specifically designed keeping in mind the employability factor that Educational Endeavors wishes to keep as its primary objective. It specially targets students from the not so affluent economic strata.

Education Institute management system developed by Plasmit is state of art platform to enable educational institutes to focus on their core activities.

This product capability offerings are:

  • Creation/updation of batch/class
  • Billing and auditing
  • Certification & examination process
  • Student performance tracking
  • Allocation of staff
  • MIS reports
  • eLearning capability