Digitally connects imaging centre, doctor, radiologist and care receiver


Digitally connects ‘diagnostic centre’, pathologist, doctor and care receiver


Empower care receiver to drive a decentralized healthcare economy



Leap Ahead with the modern Information Technology ecosystem:
In 21st century, business is constantly being challenged to objectively assess their operating models to find new capabilities and efficiencies. Our consultants with deep domain expertise read more…


Seamless Collaboration of Physical and Digital Experience dictates Digital Transformation journey. The Smart Healthcare Ecosystem capabilities will be achieved using new technologies stack such as IOT, Block chain, AI, Augmented reality and 3D printing. PlasmIT HealthCare IT read more…

Experiential Design

Business need to ponder the way they create the user experience impact in each and every (anytime and every time) interaction that they have with customer –“Is it seamless, as simple as retail shopping experience!!! “ As the customer interaction read more…


Today’s business environment is becoming more and more complex and with the disruptive changes in technology, it is becoming increasingly important to have a robust IT strategy, which can meet the heightened demand of flexibility, speed and efficiency read more…

Why PlasmIT

To begin with our major focus is on making our clients recognize their actual problem; for mostly it is in wrong identification of the issue at hand that stops you.

Human factor is at the core of PlasmIT as we firmly believe that it is the most critical differentiators for organization/community success. Business problem can not be solved alone through best of breed solutions unless it satisfy the needs of the user of the solution. Indeed new digital era necessitates the need to unlock the human potential to align human needs (tools, information) with humanity not just with process. Processes tranform the information to empower human to take informed decision. However, it will always be empowered only when there is a human face embedded in it read more…


Improving the quality of life globally by revolutionising Healthcare Experience.


Empower doctors, patients, providers and broader healthcare eco-system by connecting them using PlasmIT solutions.