PlasmIT is a group of experienced technology experts and healthcare professionals. We intend to fill a significant gap in existing critical care ecosystem through our innovative solution. Our digital care platform, PiMed , is designed to facilitate instant care thus save human lives.

Our leadership team has played roles in defining the future care strategy for Australian and Indian government.

We are committed to our hospital care workers quality of life and patients well-being. Our solution besides patient care enables considerable bottom-line improvement and reduction in revenue leakage. Our solution opens new revenue streams as well.

PlasmIT is Australia based health Tech Company with-subsidiary in India. We are open to team with growth partners to achieve a greater successes and save human life.

What is PiMed

‘SmartICU on Mobile’ PiMed is Next-Gen Connected, Intelligent, Integrated, Immersive, Secured and Compliant Digital Care Platform for hospitals that holds promises of providing last mile affordable world class care. PiMed transforms the way the care is delivered either in hospital settings or tele-ICU to a SmartICU that enables doctors to deliver 24×7 connected care. It’s a paradigm shift from ‘physical round’’ to ‘continuous connected round’’ hence better care intervention.

‘Smart ICU care on Mobile’ in real time will enable hospital to increase efficiency, improve resource utilisation, reduce litigation, finally better brand value and improved bottom line with new revenue streams. PiMed will enable flexible working condition to its care worker to lead a better quality of life and have more time with their loved ones.

PiMed Key Features

PiMed is an integrated care delivery platform that provides patient real-time 24×7 information in intelligent manner, from multiple sources to enable care-workers to deliver point-in-time care in a collaborative manner.
Platform enables hospital care worker to connect with patients 24×7 from anywhere with any device ; finally deliver values leveraging One Global care network.


Intelligent Integrated Health Dashboard

Medical device data 24x7 on mobile device

Real time Health Vitals

Abnormality Alerts and Insights

Co-ordination & Collaboration

Integrated Care Administration

Diagnostics Assessments & Reports

Compliant and Regulatory Adherence

How PiMed Works

PiMed care delivery platform integrates with multiple medical devices connected with patients be in ICU, emergency care, general ward or at home through our proprietary AI/ML enabled edge devices.
Our solution is designed from the ground-up as an intelligent and integrated care delivery eco-system.

Patient Care 24X7

24x7 Continuous Monitoring

Automated medical data streaming with anomaly highlights, insights & intelligent alerts

Connected Care with Intelligent Alerts in real time

Point-in-time care Intervention through platform enabled decision and seamless collaboration

Continously informed stakeholders

Availability of information to all stakeholders Anywhere, Any device round the clock

Compliant and Fault-Tolerant Platform

Secured highly available, interoperable and compliant data capture, transfer, store and display