Hospital Corner

‘SmartICU on Mobile’ PiMed will transform the way the care is currently delivered in hospital settings – a paradigm shift from ‘physical round’ to ‘continuous connected round’ hence better care intervention.

PiMed Next-Gen Connected ICU – an Intelligent, Integrated, Immersive Digital Care Platform

  • Reduce ICU mortality by 50% & save 25% on ICU OPEX.
  • Optimise resource utilization and improve efficiencies & bottom-line.
  • Opens new revenue streams.
  • Deliver patient centric care in cost-effective manner – loyal patients.

Value to Hospital

24X7 Care Intervention

Remote care enabled by full time and visiting specialists and interventionalists

One Touch Care Experience

Stakeholder centric intuitive and  integrated experience and insights

Integrated Clinical Pathways

Enables effective management of waste and care workers workload through automation and enhanced interdepartmental collaboration

Resource Optimization

Scale with available healthcare resources enabled by care digitization and integrated clinical pathways

Value for Money

Newer way of ICU automation – device independent integration. More features with fraction of cost

Revenue Multiplier

New revenue stream- loyalty & post discharge care, Hospital serving hospital needs

Value to Medical staff

Point-in-time care delivery

Seamless data available beyond the current care set-up;

Quality of life and flexible working condition

deliver care from anywhere to everywhere

Reduced cognitive overload

Informed insights about wellness trends

Seamless Interdepartmental collaboration

Clinical pathways

24*7 continuous care

Quick actions to abnormality with ease

Continuous Round

Enables doctors to take care of their patient beyond ‘Physical round’

Value to Care Recipient and Family

Seamless Transition


Health Wallet


Peace of Mind