PlasmIT traces man’s zest for a better tomorrow. However, often, the clutter around the idea (of betterment) is what stops us. This is where we walk in.

PlasmIT Aspiration

To begin with our major focus is on making our clients recognize their actual problem; for mostly it is in wrong identification of the issue at hand that stops you.

Human factor is at the core of PlasmIT as we firmly believe that it is the most critical differentiators for organization/community success. Business problem can not be solved alone through best of breed solutions unless it satisfy the needs of the user of the solution. Indeed new digital era necessitates the need to unlock the human potential to align human needs (tools, information) with humanity not just with process. Processes tranform the information to empower human to take informed decision. However, it will always be empowered only when there is a human face embedded in it. This is how the digital transformation era thought will transition the industrial era practices. Previously, energy was more focused on machines that led industry to the dehumanization – to think human as another machine, though productive enough, but this mindset has to change to get along with Digital Era where productivity would be defined by collaboration. Digital era Business transformation / IT changes are more about productive thought collaboration with meaningful social interaction. Productivity is more about managing the workers thoughts, emotions and feelings and empowering them through collective wisdom of the organiztion. Paradigm shift from process to people – another foundation power-shift fact.

Availability of right information to the right people at right time at right place is another key factor for the organization success that leads to information availability at fingertips at anywhere and everywhere. Power-shift from organization’s silos to the business collaboration will lead Cloud evolution and focus on the innovation rather than managing non-business innovative activities by organization. IT specialist needs to work as equal success partner for business so that together they can help evolve the organiztion for better tomorrow though innovation and adaptation.

PlasmIT is a phenomenon where next IT generation evolution is through digital gene plasmid vector to empower business fluid – plasma (agile) behavior to align with global energy source, the sun. At the bottom of the company’s heart is to empower business with organized vector success motion with negligible friction.

Finally, Our story is the success story of our clients. To cut it short, we intend to be zero-attitude-hundred-altitude three sixty degree entity.