Software Development


PlasmIT Agile Delivery Model

Agile based software development approach offers one of the best ways to adapt quickly to change and be more responsive and competitive. Using Agile methodologies, the PlasmIT team has managed to deliver applications in the face of unpredictable requirements while addressing high-risk elements earlier in the development cycle with quick turnaround times. Our approach is based on industry standard agile methodologies with a good balance of engineering and project management practices.

Our service offerings:

  • Agile Adoption & Readiness Support: We also understand that adopting Agile principles requires a culture change and certain degree of readiness is required before adoption. PlasmIT Agile Coach helps organizations understand how they are progressing in Agile adoption and results in detailed recommendations for process improvement and improved Agile maturity.PlasmIT Agile coaches review existing teams, processes being followed and their past performances. Our Agile Coach provides pragmatic guidance and mentoring to our client’s organization, from strategy to adoption.
  • Agile Application Development: Our Agile coaches guide project teams to implement a tailored Agile approach based on client’s organization and culture. We offer expertise in Scrum, Kanban. Our best practices and governance models foster communication, collaboration amongst distributed teams. Our focus on shorter delivery cycles mitigates risk and provides early corrective actions to meet release timelines.