The new era of care delivery will be assisted by Robotics, which will enhance the quality of care.

From surgical robots that can make precision incisions to personal assistant robotic nurses that can care for patients tirelessly, medical robots are transforming the face of healthcare.

Remote-controlled robots assist surgeons with performing surgeries, typically minimally invasive procedures. The hallmark of surgical robots is their ability to enable a surgeon to manipulate a highly sophisticated robotic arm by operating controls, seated at a workstation out of the operation theatre.

Further applications for these surgical-assistant robots are being developed, as more advanced 3DHD technology complemented with augmented reality gives surgeons the spatial context needed for highly complex surgery.

Robotics Process Automation

Telepresence robots empower doctors to examine and treat patients in remote or rural areas by providing them a telepresence at the patient location. These robots are designed to have navigation capabilities within the emergency room and endowed with sophisticated cameras for physical examination of the patient. Specialists now, can be on call, via the robot, to answer questions and guide therapy from remote locations.

Pharmabotic dispensing systems have advanced to the point where robots can now handle powder, liquids, and highly viscous materials, with much higher speed and accuracy than ever before. Pharmabotic dispensers could work like an ATM, so no matter what time of the day, patients can get access to their prescriptions. When robots are used for such repetitive tasks, pharmacists have the time and the incentive to participate in the social aspect of healing and therefore make sure that healthcare becomes truly caring.

With the increase in antibiotic-resistant bacteria and outbreaks of deadly infections like Covid-19, Ebola, more healthcare facilities are using robots to clean and disinfect surfaces. Currently, the primary methods used for disinfection are UV light and hydrogen peroxide vapors. Sanitation and Disinfection robots can disinfect a room of any bacteria and viruses within minutes.

PlasmIT is in the process of creating a Medical Robotics Center of Excellence, which will be responsible for incubating ideas and delivering pragmatic solutions across Robotics, Artificial intelligence and Augmented Reality.