The decade ago a robotic intervention in health care would must have been thought as a science fiction novel. Today, the adoption of robots by the health industry practitioners like doctors, nurses and technicians is growing day by day. We see the application of robots in the healthcare industry in many ways such as the use of robots in aged care, delivering and marking the drugs, to strengthen mobility for disabled patients and more.

Recent researches on health care sector shows that many countries are becoming most receptive to the prospect of robots . With the growing technology trends in AI and Robotics, the global health industry in getting more focused in improving the quality of services to provide health and wellness to the society.

Robotics Process Automation

While sophisticated and expensive robots are now augmenting the doctors in doing advanced and complex surgery in an accurate manner, the global health industry at the same time is becoming more focused on controlling costs and being operationally efficient. The advent of Robotics Process Automation(RPA) is gaining ground where the IT innovation is enabling savings and efficiencies by automating mundane work. RPA is definitely different from the actual robots assisting the surgeons. RPA involves complex software tools which automates repetitive, rules-based processes usually performed by clinical and administrative staffs sitting in front of computer screens.

Example software robots can open email attachments, complete e-forms, record and re-key data, and perform other tasks that mimic human action while freeing time to do more productive and care-centric activities.

PlasmIT envisions to help its clients in their robotics adoption and process automation journey.Our team will come up with strong industry experience and offer services in the following areas.

  • Setting up RPA center of excellence
  • Robotics Adoption Strategy using the art of possible
  • Implementation and maintenance services

At PlasmIT we are currently setting up our robotic process automation team and growing our practice and value offerings to health care industry.