Organizations are consistently looking for innovative ways to optimize key processes related to existing or new product and services. Our consultants, with their deep industry expertise and knowledge of best practices help streamline the core business processes.

The PlasmIT approach to accelerate Digital Healthcare adoption



When the end user identifies the problem, participates in building the solution, and continues to engage during its refinement, adoption is inevitable.

There are two primary end users in healthcare – Patients and Clinicians – whose problems are to be identified and solved. An initiative serves as an illustrative example.

Many non-emergency patients are seniors who need prompt transport services to their local healthcare centre but are not technology savvy to use smart phones. Seniors are interviewed and their feedback taken to evaluate different proposed solutions. For instance, the central transport department can leverage a patient scheduling application built into the hospital’s digital platform to request rides on behalf of seniors as per their appointment schedule and communicate over a voice call, which the seniors are comfortable with. This improves patient satisfaction with rides, shortens wait times and lowers overall health plan transportation costs.

PlasmIT, via its Customer Experience service, engages with the end users to solve real world problems at all stages in the life cycle of feature development with the goal of achieving Customer delight.


When the value in data is unlocked and delivered via anytime, efficient access and intelligence through analytics, the ROI from adoption is realized.

The volume of data available in EHR, radiology images and pathology reports is overwhelming. It is here that technology comes to the rescue to provide data access at the click of a button, relevance to the context of the user and rendered for maximum usability.

PlasmIT collaborates with its healthcare customers to unlock the power of this data and accelerate the journey to deliver intelligent insights using advanced mechanisms like exploratory data analysis and feature extraction.


When technology optimizes resource utilization, time and money is saved, and the value in adoption is evident.

There are many problems in healthcare that can benefit from optimization. For instance, medical practitioners are overwhelmed by EHR and manual desk work. Automation is the key to help optimize their time and effort. Moreover, mobile solutions can integrate with back-end healtcare services and provide physicians with information 24×7. Finally, telemedicine and remote monitoring have the power to save billions of dollars in transportation and infrastructure costs by leveraging the internet.

PlasmIT offers services in consulting and achitecture enabling our customers to accelerate their journey from end-user problem to realization of the optimum solution and realize compelling ROI.


When risk is mitigated by enabling agile, cost-effective innovation, the ROI from adoption is conclusive.

The key barriers to adoption of digital innovation in healthcare are a risk averse culture across the industry, the inability to experiment quickly and the reluctance to operate across silos.

PlasmIT offers services to execute pilot programs which can experiment with new ideas by demonstrating and testing prototypes of innovative solutions built at minimal cost to the customer. The program also undertakes to evaluate the ROI of the experiment, thereby mitigating the risk of making huge upfront investments.


With Security delivered out-of-the-box, real business solutions get the focus and compliance is no longer a barrier to adoption.

Compliance to the Cyber security standards is perceived as the biggest challenge by healthcare providers. The volume of patient data is tremendous and the industry is not equipped to protect it. Cybercrime is on the rise with common episodes of ransomware attacks and healthcare data violations.

PlasmIT offers a comprehensive and extensive security platform which addresses the cybersecurity vulnerabilities not only in the present but also extensible to handle the ever-changing security landscape. Once onboarded, our customers can focus on their real business problems with security compliance out of the way.

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