Immutable Trusted Eco-system


With the rapid progress of digitization, interoperability, open API and data standardization, it is not a distant dream that person can keep track of life events in more contextual and personalized fashion from anywhere and any device. This reduces cost to care, helps to manage the health in better way, shifts the focus of life from illness to wellness and finally make a person true citizen. This also align with the state’s objective to become true humanitarian and welfare state and that too without astronomical economical price typically attached to such a lofty goal.

Each person maintaining their personal health data for their own personal purpose or state maintaining citizen’s data requires all data from all parties with whom the person has interacted for the care. For this, the person’s health data needs to be available to them to manage their life event. Currently, ‘care’ provider have the person/patient record recorded in their IT system but it is only stored to adhere to the policy, regulatory compliance and support admin function. It doesn’t provide the capability to support the person having track of their life event and management of their life accordingly.

In order to do so various interacting parties have to share the data, transit and aggregate data across healthcare eco-system and in broader term state requires adherence to health data standards and related business and technology standards. Moreover, making real-time contextual decision during care interaction becomes more complex when information being shared across various parties is big in size and not compatible with the interacting parties touch points. These obstacles results in focus on solving technology interoperability issues rather than solving and delivering relevant business feature and outcome. Hence, get into the similar trap that happened in past between ‘Nokia’ and ‘Apple’.

At this moment, the care system and in broader aspect Healthcare landscape hasn’t achieved the true values of innovation as it hasn’t been able to establish and build connected trust with all the eco-system with whom they are interacting. This hindrance is impeding the true value realization. Hence, person interaction is more illness centric rather than wellness as they are not confident enough and unable to feel trust with the system with whom they interacting.

As Healthcare is highly regulatory and compliance driven domain, it is imperative to have global citizen understand how they can manage their life event, empower person by making them aware of the information and concerns and establish trust with the eco-system that maintains the integrity of their information and make them feel confident about data privacy. The digital transformation goal won’t get achieved unless a person doesn’t have trust with the system with which they are sharing the data.

In order to solve the global data share issues, the technologist has to address the concerns such as data in motion, data-in transit, data during interaction for reference and data at rest in more legitimate, secured, trusted manner and manage its integrity and confidentiality during its navigation within system, across system, such as service provider and consumer.

PlasmIT, Blockchain Centre of Excellence, is in the process of HealthCare platform development (PlasmIT, DGSafe), intending to connect patient electronic medical record and healthcare eco-system. Further, while sharing all data with all relevant parties, the platform will ensure data confidently, data integrity; secured data storage and retrieval and finally it would generate insight from it in relevant and personalized manner.
PlasmIT, DGSafe, platform will build the trust for data share, share and insight generation. Finally, it will make the business interaction fluid and choreographed and in doing so , it will address the cyber security concern through Blockchain implementation.



  • Trends Research
  • Design Thinking-led assessment for use case identification
  • Technology assessment
  • Rapid Prototyping and MVP development


  • Technology Advisory
  • Consulting Services
  • Development Services
  • Integration Services
  • Testing Services


  • Industry specific Blockchain Solutions (e.g. letter of credit, loyalty management, energy trading, smart contracts etc.)
  • Solutions for integration with enterprise applications
  • ICO specific solutions (e.g. custom token creation, smart contract etc.)
  • Blockchain infrastructure (e.g. setting up full nodes on different Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum etc.), Wallets etc.)
  • Dapp development

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