Empower care receiver to drive a decentralized healthcare economy.

DGSafe, an immutable trusted pilot Care offering, is to enable care receiver to share and manage personal, health and medical data. Moreover, it provides an ability to share anonymously across multiple touch points using consensus algorithm. It will allow care receiver to record / get its complete information recorded over the time, in an automated and immutable way, to keep track of its circumstances, situations and maintain its history. Finally, DGSafe will provide proactive and contextual care based on insights generated from it.

DGSafe key benefits realization:

  • Provide an ability to Care receiver to opt-in to collect health and vital information to be collected and stored through ‘Distributed Ledger’.
  • Enable Care receiver to enroll for Health & Care programs through ‘Smart contracts’.
  • Provides the capabilities to define Health Programs.
  • Configure Health Programs based on circumstances and conditions to produce recommendation to the users using smart contracts.
  • Enable Care receiver coach to adjust Health Program according to customer needs and progresses.
  • Sharing relevant data based on the agreed arrangements and opt-in is easy as solution implementation, using distributed ledger, is based on native Interoperability & Standardization.
  • Repurposing Smart Contract Visualization to show real-time activity in the ledger.
  • Provide capability to the aged care to benefit Smart-Contract automation using distributed source of trust.

Genesis of DGSafe:

With the advent of Global citizen concept, Care is undergoing transformative journey that requires changes in Care to enforce:

  • Flexibility and Adaptability to integrate with new ecosystem.
  • Establish the trust between and across connected ecosystem.
  • Provide the interoperable solution resolving technical and domain specific issues.
  • API (application programmable interfaces) and data standardization.
  • Keep track of Citizens life events in more contextual and personalized manner.
  • Mind shift from illness to wellness and from responsive care to proactive care.
  • Adoption of innovative technologies like Internet of Medical Things (IOT/IOMT) Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Augmented Reality and Robotics require the context about the immutability.
  • Establish trust of the data to ensure that the insight is based on the trusted data feed and is aligned with the Health Care compliance to deliver the meaningful and contextual care.
  • Provide the relevant information to the individuals at their fingertips.

To achieve above mentioned outcome, the solution needs to be enabled to deliver eco-system in which every transaction is trustworthy, immutable, and auditable and value driven.

Block Interaction Mechanism


Finally, care data transactions will be sent from and to network addresses of the nodes involved and will be digitally signed to enforce trust with the extended eco-system.