Over last few years, there has been a tectonic shift in IT landscape. Due to convergence of various factors like

  • Economic: razor sharp focus on converting all capital expenditures to operations expense to free up capital that can be used to grow business
  • Operational: Increased complexity of data center operations and lengthy process of commissioning/decommissioning infrastructure
  • Competition: increased focus on reducing time to market; coupled with advancement in virtualization technology has lead to emergence of cloud computing era.

Cloud computing has changed how services are delivered and also how they are consumed. This has open up vast opportunity for organizations to engage customers in a much more efficient and effective manner, develop & deliver the services in consumption (pay as you go) based model rather than ownership model. This has potential to significant increase the customer base and hence bigger revenue share for all.


This development comes with its own challenges. Organizations need to define a roadmap to adopt cloud, understand & implement the optimal mix of traditional and cloud model, understand and analyze data security issues as data might reside in a different country altogether, create new pricing strategy and most importantly create a governance process to ensure that they are able to reap the intended benefits.

This is where PlasmIT comes into picture. Our experts will help your enterprise to embrace cloud services that are provided through public, private, and hybrid cloud environments. We will work with you to develop cloud strategy, cloud adoption roadmap and governance framework to ensure that you are able to realize the maximum value out of this initiative. We will also implement the solution for you to ensure flawless execution. Our cloud adoption strategy will effectively address challenges that have emerged with Cloud such as security, compliance, privacy, integration, service – development, deployment, management and control; application migration and operational- cost , risk and infrastructure/service control shift.

Our service offerings:

  • Provide IT roadmap for Cloud adoption aligned to business need and strategy.
  • Application portfolio assessment for Cloud readiness.
  • Guidance for IT infrastructure service consolidation / virtualisation.
  • Solution approach, implementation and Governance for the service deployment on Cloud.
  • Provide Solution approach and implementation to integrate traditional on premise IT systems with other cloud offerings deployed on private, public or hybrid clouds.
  • Advisory and consultation to develop application in SaaS model.
  • Direction for APIs service solution definition (including service economics), architect, develop, deploy, expose, manage, maintain and provision services as an APIs service. A Cloud service capability approach.
  • Application modernization – reverse innovation to shift from licensing model to the Metering model service approach.
  • Security and identity management approach.
  • Direction for business continuity, disaster recovery solution approach and Sourcing model.