PiRays, a ‘SaaS’ offering for Radiology, digitally connects imaging centre, doctor, radiologist and care receiver

  • Radiologist independent ‘Imaging centre’
  • Diagnostic case assessment by Radiologist from anywhere with any device
  • Digital report availability to patient forever
  • Improve patient’s care in radiology department.

A tele radiology and picture archiving system for hospitals and diagnostic imaging centre, PiRays, automates imaging work flow resulting in efficient and error free processing provides role based device independent access from anywhere and enable collaboration.

With the advancements made in the field of radiology, diagnostic imaging equipment (MRI, US, CT etc) have leapfrogged from the cumbersome film to convenient digital formats This enables the data to be stored safely, made accessible to clinicians at a click of an icon, distributed as images to patients, and re-imported for further use. It necessitates a centralized repository with role/use based device independent access from anywhere.

Benefits of PiRays are that it is cost effective; it provides an easy platform for the team to work together on a specific case, collaborate and perform comparative studies on the same subject; it allows the clinician to perform detailed manipulation to identify disparity in the tissue. It also enables tele-radiology, making radiology centers viable in remote locations resulting in better medical facilities for people in remote areas.

The learning curve of the application is minimum, thus ROI is greater.

PiRays key benefits realization

Accessibility and Flexibility

Case Assessment from anywhere with any device

One Touch

Enables radiologist with human like interaction with system (reporting with ease)

Intelligent Assessment

Empower radiologist with AI assisted radiology

Trusted Connected care

Endow community to lead healthy life through information sharing in transparent manner

Contextualised & Augmented Care

Utilize insights and augment all data to provide healthy diagnosis for future well being

Augmented Interaction

Multiple specialists' interaction in real-time during case assessment


Easy to adopt and operate