How can blockchain provide a secure channel for the data?

The new normal has shown the world the real need of digitization, interoperability, open API and data standardization. Today, it is not a distant dream that a person would like to keep track of health vital events information in more contextual, personalized and transparent fashion and would have access to it from anywhere and any device.It would help them to manage the health in a better way and shifts the focus of life ‘from illness to wellness’.

To lead a healthier life, availability of health data/vital is really important to the health care provider. They can help in managing the life event by providing health related consultation and can transform the care delivery from reactive to proactive care. However, in order to achieve this, the entire care delivery framework needs to revamp and technology will play a key role to achieve this ambition.


Key steps towards transforming the technology landscape for enhanced care delivery

Firstly, data needs to be digitised and needs collaboration among all parties with whom the care received has got care delivery relation. Ann immutable, trusted and secured care delivery platform is required to store care receiver related health vital data – genesis of ‘PiSafe’ mindset to collaborate with ‘PiMed’ healthcare ecosystem. These data then need to be aggregated and standardised for interpretation.

This will enable health care providers to understand the root cause of the health condition before they can provide the relevant care. For e.g. within a hospital there are different equipment that are installed by different manufacturers especially in the emergency/ critical care unit. It is really difficult for the healthcare provider to communicate and monitor all of them from a single platform, which delays the care delivery and its quality. PlasmIT has various products that are focused primarily to resolve such bottle neck and enhance the quality of care delivery. The products have been built by using emerging and interdisciplinary technologies to serve the needs of healthcare providers.

Secondly, the journey of data should be transparent and secured from its inception to its closure. Which is why, block chain will play a vital role in the care delivery. It provides insight on every transaction that happens on the data throughout its journey and helps transmit it through a trusted and secured medium

Thirdly, patient data in the healthcare industry is very sensitive and in order to protect it, various types of compliance, protocols and standards need to be adhered to the data like HIPAA, GDPR etc. These are complex compliances for any healthcare solutions. Blockchain can potentially empower care receivers to control their information as they can share their data with the required healthcare provider by providing them the decryption key. These areas still need to be explored and tested before it can be reality. PlasmIT has experts, who have been providing consulting to companies on implementing such cutting edge technology in the healthcare industry. Our consultation has led many organizations to adopt and transition easily into the next-gen technology solutions.


In order to solve the global data share issues, the technologist has to address the concerns such as data in motion, data-in transit, data during interaction for reference and data at rest in more legitimate, secured, trusted manner and manage its integrity and confidentiality during its navigation within system, across system, such as service provider and consumer.

PlasmIT, Blockchain Centre of Excellence, is in the process of HealthCare platform development (PlasmIT, PiSafe), intending to connect patient electronic medical record and healthcare eco-system. Further, while sharing all data with all relevant parties, the platform will ensure data confidently, data integrity; secured data storage and retrieval and finally it would generate insight from it in relevant and personalized manner.

PlasmIT, PiSafe, platform will build the trust for data share, share and insight generation. Finally, it will make the business interaction fluid and choreographed and in doing so , it will address the cyber security concern through Blockchain implementation.



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