Accessibility to skilled specialist across the globe would be reality through Augmented Reality

Covid-19, have brought a massive disruption in the way care is delivered. One can say “blessing in disguise”, as it has pushed the healthcare industry to quickly adopt advance technology for care delivery. Augmented Reality is one of them, as of today, it is primarily used in the gaming industry to provide its user the real experience by involving them virtually.

Today, the world is facing the challenge of scarcity of specialists to provide care. As the number of recipients are increasing day by day because of the evolution of new diseases every now and then. This makes the life of a specialist difficult to be physically available for consultation (especially during surgeries). Also, sharing the knowledge and experience within specialists becomes difficult in tough times.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality bridges the need of physical presence

It can help in balancing the gap in skill inequality and allows skill transfer without transferring the skills to achieve excellence. It can provide access to the skills of the remotely located highly skilled people to perform tasks that would have been risky, or virtually impossible before. Get a deeper insight into the subject content from various angles and perspectives, hence enabling better understanding and fostering creativity.

In the area of social interactions where the distance is a barrier, the AR, and mixed reality enables the immersion by bringing them closer and foster togetherness. In the area of hyper-reality where the real world is interwoven with a virtual world and opens up various new possibilities.

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