Artificial Intelligence at PlasmIT

PlasmIT’s Smart Healthcare Ecosystem delivers effective solutions by leveraging our bleeding-edge technology stack comprising of IOT, Blockchain, AI, ML, Augmented reality and 3D printing.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) mimics the human brain and applies intelligent analytics to real-world healthcare challenges using a holistic human-centric approach. AI is no longer science fiction, rather a reality that is poised to impact our lives radically in the coming decades. Self-driving cars and virtual home assistants may be the latest fads for the affluent, but the real value of AI is being realized by raising the bar on the quality of healthcare delivered at an affordable cost to the masses.

Artificial Intelligence

Team PlasmIT has implemented solutions in various AI enabled solutions in their previous engagements such has Chatbot, Image Analysis, Natural Language Processing, Sentiment Analysis etc.

Our solution specialties include:

  • Chatbots – Automated customer advisory for hospitals
  • Smart Assistants to Radiologist
  • Better disease assessment via Predictive Analytics
  • Smart Assistants to ICU intensivists
  • Notification and alerts based on health vitals
  • Assist decision making by correlating health history, vitals and pattern recognition.

Care Offerings

In Healthcare, Chatbots will be used by hospitals to provide recommendations to patients based on their symptoms and health information. Using speech recognition, the Chatbot will be able to recommend appropriate course of action based on the user’s symptoms. Cognitive Virtual Assistants are capable of intelligently handling live voice and webchat customer interactions based on medical taxonomy and effectively leveraging AI technologies such as Cognitive Search Engines and Voice Cognitive Analytics.

PlasmIT’s ‘PiRays’’ provides ‘NLP’ enabled ‘voice to text’ capability, designed to enhance radiology productivity during ‘imaging case assessment’. This feature is in the test phase and algorithms are being optimised to enhance the accuracy to make it relevant to the local accent. This solution also provide assessment based on pattern recognition across large number pf patients to assist radiologist with a second opinion.

The PlasmIT next wave is to extend Deep Learning ‘TensorFlow’ algorithms to train models against a large database of clinical patient information. These algorithms are capable of evaluating thousands of features to empower medical staff as well as patient in delivering personalized recommendations for the patient.

Patient health data paired with predictive analytics is being used to deliver better disease assessment. Machine learning algorithms based on supervised learning enable physicians to optimize the selection of treatment options from more limited sets of diagnoses and estimate patient risk based on symptoms and genetic information. Increased use of bio-sensors and health tracking devices are providing additional data to improve treatment efficacy. This type of personalized and affordable treatment has important implications for the individual in terms of health optimization, but also for reducing overall healthcare costs.

PlasmIT’s “PiCure” solution helps enhance productivity and minimize common errors on the ICU floor by providing notification based on health vitals and their correlation to predict early warning, provide alerts for medication etc. Solution will provide recommendations to intensivist for further treatment options based on Machine learning algorithms. Based on the actual treatment, system will be able to continually improve the future treatment plan. This will have huge positibe impact on patient safety as well as higher effectiveness for medical staff.

PlasmIT is in the process of developing accelerators for adoption and delivery of real world AI enabled solutions for our Healthcare customers. PlasmIT’s AI and ML experts are highly experienced at architecting and optimizing advanced solutions across multiple business verticals including healthcare, retail and fintech. Our solutions are designed to be highly reliable, scalable and cost-effective by leveraging cutting-edge AI/ML technology and cloud infrastructure.