The advent of digitization is leading the world to a transformative journey where flexibility and adaptability is becoming a norm. The horizontal and vertical technology interventions and it’s mass acceptance by humans is leading the world to a state of connected eco-system where trust and interoperability is of paramount importance. The open system application programmable interfaces aka API’s and data standardization approach is enabling the government and citizens to keep track of their life events in more contextual and personalized manner. This changes the focus of life from illness to wellness and from responsive care to proactive and even pre-emptive care.

At PlasmIT, we think that our core DNA is to provide human wellness and care enabled by technology in a technology enabled eco-system in which every transaction is trustworthy and value driven.

If we look back at the current state of the care system, the individual or patient record in the health system is in silos and the way the care provider manages the data actually leads to technology operability issues rather than solving and delivering relevant business feature or outcome. For example, the care provider IT system records the patient data to adhere to the existing policy, regulatory compliance and to support administrative functions. However, it does not provide the capability to the patient to track their life events and management of their life in the way they would prefer to do. The patient health information is lost in silos footprints in multiple manual files, care providers distributed in various regions with no connected systems and result in a half-baked care system.

Every individual from the days of chalk and paper to the current state of a digitally-enabled individual in the last decade wants to maintain and manage their life events in the best possible way. The outburst of innovative technologies like IOT, AI, blockchain in the recent state has filled the market with devices and approaches to provide the relevant information to the individuals at their fingertips. At the same time, the care system and in broader aspect Healthcare landscape hasn’t achieved the true values of these innovations as it hasn’t been able to establish and build connected trust with all the eco-system with whom they are interacting. This hindrance is impeding the true value realization. Hence, person interaction is more illness centric rather than wellness as they are not confident enough and unable to feel trust with the system with whom they interacting.

As Healthcare is highly regulatory and compliance driven domain, this platform product owner will be required to make the global citizen understand how they can manage their life event, empower person by making them aware of the information and concerns and establish trust with the eco-system that maintains the integrity of their information and make them feel confident during their information share interaction. The digital transformation goal won’t get achieved unless a person doesn’t have trust with the system with which they are sharing the data.

PlasmIT Blockchain Point of View

The PlasmIT, Blockchain Centre of Excellence, is in the process of HealthCare platform development, intending to connect Patient Electronic Medical Record and Healthcare Eco-system. Further, while sharing all data with all relevant parties, the platform intent is to make it happen – navigate the data confidently; maintain its integrity; store it in secured repository; and finally generate insight from it in relevant and personalised manner.

The PlasmIT team is envisioning and acting towards a care delivery framework with technology enabled products and services to redefine health care eco-system. With the help of doctors the wellness is more specifically to person not to a patient, as it is just an intermittent state of person when he is ill. It will have broader impact to the human health data more specifically when the person is Global citizen rather than confined to the state boundary where there is concern about ‘data sovereignty‘.

In order to solve the global data share issues, the technologist has to address the concerns such as data in motion, data-in transit, data during interaction for reference and data at rest in more legitimate, secured, trusted manner and manage its integrity and confidentiality during its navigation within system, across system, enterprise, ecosystem such as service provider and consumer.

The PlasmIT, DGSafe, platform development intention is to address the Cyber Security concern using Blockchain during data sharing process when business are interacting is choreographed manner.

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